Whilst living in a corrupt society where the cards are so fiercely stacked against anyone not born into immense wealth, you decide only a lucrative, and well protected career as a street druggist would suit your needs. You know from endless news stories and anecdotal third party tales that to be a successful Canadian drug dealer you need ties to both the Hells Angels, and some level of police force (which are essentially the same thing). The problem is; you neither have connections with a chapter of the bike gang, nor have you been through any type of relevant police training. You are stuck with a massive conundrum: what comes first, the Biker Chick, or the Policing egg-head? A major life decision must be made now!

If you choose to first enroll in Police Foundations to help secure a career in law enforcement turn to page WOW! HAVE FUN!

If you choose to first seek out and join the fraternal order of fire licking angels, turn to page, UH..... NO IDEA!