Shit ya son! The Hell’s Angels! Of course! What could be a more bad ass organization to join? By far the coolest way to pay off your awful student loans and become a salient member of society. Mufflers are for losers! But how do you join such a group? How do you even find them? Seeking out the Yellow Pages, you find them depressingly empty in the "Illegal Drug Trafficking Motorcycle Enthusiast" section. What choice then but to wander the streets in high hopes of coming across a bad ass biker gang, any gang at this point would feed your fancy. So when a group of 6 double-wheeled denizens of the darker dimension pull by, spitting wild hell fire from their wheels, you choose to step out into the street, show your moxy, and be counted as one of the 1 Percent.
“Halt Hell Spawn! For verily I am one of you!” you bellow authoritatively. The wheeled demons screech to a halt.
One of the smaller members looks you up and down coldly and replies, “Mommy toad me not to talk to stwainjahs.”
Well this is certainly an unexpected stick in your spokes. You are going to have to do something to impress this bike gang, and quickly, or you could lose your standing as a bad ass prospective member, or worse: your life!

If you choose to pick a fight with the little snot who spoke out against you to prove you won’t take no lip turn to page RIGHT ON!! YOU SHOW EM!

If you choose to instead pick a fight with the largest member of the gang to show your superior strength in an alpha mammalian feat of domination, turn to page SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

If you choose to appeal to their sense of reason and win the hearts and souls of this ragged band of rebels with words turn to page PUSSY!