This infinite adventure is dedicated to those who took the leap and decided to participate, imbuing this sad sorry tale with their essences. These are some of the finest people on the planet. I should know, I live there. Jean Blythe, Lynn Stevenson, Ann Brody, Janelle Coneybear, Alex Armstrong, Matt Corbin, Heather Pettypiece, Neil Jones, Shaun Ludlow, Becky Robitaille, Jesse Oh, Jake Neumann, Mike Oldaker, Teena Beauvais, Capra Andrews, Allister Mac, Trever Gordon, Gin Barlow, Kevino Forgetti, Matthieu Cote-Brassard, David Dumais, Tyler Marshell Deer, Martin Tielli, and Reinier Wolfcastle.
A special thank you to Tyler MacDonald for exemplifying all the most worthless qualities of generation umlauter, it was an inspirational waste of $250, please support his business, he can't help himself.
An even more extra special thank you to Tyler de Witt, for proving some web designers actually know how to work, what a glorious human being!
Art by Ann Brody