Because you are such an infinitely spiffy book learner, and have no idea how to contact the Hell's Angels (411 was depressingly unhelpful), you decide to enroll in Police Foundations. You study hard. You try your damnedest. You give up coke and alcohol, you stop hiring prostitutes. You even cease your surprisingly un-lucrative position in the human trafficking trade. You are desperate to get into the police force. Sure you will be a corrupt cop, but only for the cause of dealing dope, which people will buy anyways right? You attain an epiphany of purpose. You can supply people with the purest, most uncut drugs they could possibly imagine, all the while focusing your time and energy on stopping real crime. Harmful crime. You have transcended the doldrums of your Generation Umlauter existential malaise. Things are truly starting to turn in your direction for the better; until you attempt to actually apply for a job in policing that is, at which point you are informed point blank that Police Foundations actually annihilates any chance you had at being hired by a Canadian police force. It turns out they prefer to form your budding consciousness in their own creative interpretation of legal process, without any bothersome real knowledge of civil rights in the nation of Can Aid Ah! What now?

If you choose to off yourself in the most dramatic and artistically traumatic fashion possible turn to page WOW SO LOW!

If you choose to go out in a blaze of violent glory assaulting the entire legal establishment turn to page PLEASE DON'T CHOOSE THIS OPTION, I'M PRETTY SURE I DON'T ACTUALLY WANT TO WRITE IT!

If you choose to suppress your violent rage at an unjust society and instead seek welfare while devoting your waking hours to gardening turn to page SOW THE SEED.