You were well trained during those long years securing a masters degree in Archeological Philosophical Engineering. Knowing that the Earth can no longer sustain the infinitely replicating bi-peds (a pedophile looking professor who claimed to be a mathematician explained it to you with an exponential curve that you simply couldn't argue with), a further ingrained fear is brought into your current stew of internal misery. If only there was a way to feed all these extra humans, popping out at an unsustainable rate not reflected by the reality of Canada's 1 . 3 children to 2 adult birth ratio. No: there has to be a way! And you know what? As an Archeological Philosophical Engineer, it turns out ONLY YOU have the qualifications to properly assess and solve this global dilemma. Whipping out your trusty Iphone, so that you don't actually have to get out of bed on this massively productive day, you feverishly research past cultures; the birth of civilization, the first over-crowded mega-cities... how did they survive?
Suddenly, the image of the Egyptian scarab appears in all its resonant glory on your 2 rectangular inches screen like a God ascending from the nether-world, and it becomes clear, without any historical data to verify your conclusions, as an engineer, you know, you just KNOW! They ate bugs. Fucking right they did! You need to disseminate to the greater world the importance of bug farming, but the closest thing to a scarab you have access to, is of course, those darlings that are colloquially referred to as Earth Angels because they are so heavenly cute: COCKROACHES!
Now how does one feed the entire world out of their backyard? Is it possible? Or do you need to focus on alternative methods of spreading your Heavenly plague of cockroaches across the land?

If you choose to start your very own cockroach farm in your back yard and see how many homeless people you can feed in your own neighbourhood, turn to page LET'S GET TILLIN'!

If you choose to first contact a range of governmental services seeking funding for a larger scale industrial style cockroach farm turn to page LET'S GET FORM-FILLIN'

If you choose to instead turn your basement into a full scale Earth Angel laboratory and begin experimentation to determine the most scientifically efficient way to feed the world, turn to page LET'S GET SCHILLIN'!