Your formative years of formal education may not have formed you into a particularly useful form, with life skills that would help you to become a contributing member of society, however; if they taught you anything at all it was how to fill out government forms! Oh lordy do you know how to form some forms! Just the amount of paper-work involved in signing away the disposable income for the remainder of your working life in exchange for the loans required to work in the first place kept you inside and unable to secure a summer job at the completion of high school. But all your endless hours were worth it as you figured out a way to reduce the interest rate by .1% in exchange for the deed to your first born child. Joke's on them! No-one would ever want to procreate with a Philosophical Archaeological Engineer! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Anyways, there you are, filling out forms like a literate enraged banshee. The room vibrates with the screech of your pen across reams of paper. This is exciting isn't it? You begin to zone into your words, into the numerology beyond the filing systems of the paper. Form 7298-92-7853A begins to fade into translucency, you see through into the inter-dimensional bureaucracy. That's it! Government exists within the plane of the 6th dimension! They are extra dimensional beings tied to our reality through reams of inter-connected paper work. Without it they don't exist here, like lattice work threads tying a portal to our reality open, their claws reach through the forms to claw at your wallet. Jokes on them again, it's empty! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
But seriously now, what you've discovered has some serious and deep implications. It might be possible to find the correct sequence of forms to close this portal to the 6th dimension and free humanity from governmental inter-dimensional control. Without forms, these beings cannot exist on the 3rd dimensional plane. What a conundrum!

If you choose to seek out an end to 6th dimensional forms as a means of eradicating your endlessly increasing student debt turn to page......EARTHLY REVOLUTION!

If you instead choose to remember that without these inter-dimensional beings you wouldn't have been capable of paying for the incredible knowledge that lead you to understand the importance of Earth Angel farming in the first place, turn to page.......KNOW YOUR PLACE.