Hot damn you are a vision of sheer exotic beauty! You have no idea from where in the world your alter-ego originates from, but you’d cum infinite buckets on the plane over there just IMAGINING what touch down could look like. You focus on the religious dot before you in the mirror as you get down to the dirty deed of rubbing your genitals of indeterminate origin. A feedback loop of narcissistic glory lays out in crystal clear third eye vision before you the entirety of your undeniable victory over the NOW league. You are a shiny golden god of the squared circle, and nothing can stop you from your irreversible fate. As you climax; your pupils open wide; gazing into themselves, a portal is opened to the land of PARTS UNKOWN, and a cosmic switch is flicked inside the depths of your mind. You have BECOME the Racist Stereotype, and proven, by whacking it while staring into the depths of your own existence, that you have the appropriate levels of narcissism required to succeed in the world of the professional wrestler. How could you possibly fail? Oh ya, really? Just watch you!

If you choose method one to direct and interminable failure turn to page…. IMMEDIATE AND OBVIOUS DOOM!

If you choose random method two to infinite failure of catastrophic proportions turn to page… HOW COULD YOUR MOTHER RAISE YOU TO BE SUCH A PATHETIC LOSER!