That's it! You've made it! Onwards and upwards and outwards and ALL WORDS ALWAYS FROM NOW ON!!! Keen and keyed up, your brain froths into a manic pitch. Could this be the onset of a previously undiagnosed mental disorder? Probably; but you couldn't care less; you are down for this ride and nothing could possibly knock you off this electro-chemical pedestal. You luckily own a pair of ironic overalls you've frequently used to great effect with a bubble blowing pipe and un-ironic "My Little Unicorn: Friendship is Magic" purple t-shirt. Slamming the over-all's on top of some uncharacteristic plaid, you wheel out the door, head held high, hair blowing in the breeze, face wearing a smile of blissed out ignorance. You shake with excitement through your entire run. Arriving at the commissioner's home, you kick open the door, squealing in a cheap southern accent, "Your ass! Your ass! My finger! C'mere booooy! My name is Bobby-Jayne Tha Butt-Lore, and I'mma show you bout the wonders of the universe!"
Terrified, the 50 something year-old commissioner of the NOW league cowers in a corner whilst his grey-haired wife leaps in front of him valiantly. "Take me! Leave Harold alone! It's me you want!"
"The Others.... They're cummin' ya know...." Wait... you think. They've already been here... obviously... SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! How could you be so stupid!!! Obviously if you'd been probed the visitors had visited and were well acquainted with the who-man anal orifice. Oh fuck..... are you capable of doing this... or are you just another worthless fuck up like your father... shit..... you can feel the deepest depths of depression creep up from the edges of your manic consciousness... the plunge seems imminent. ...

If you decide to dive deep into the depths of darkness turn to page.... WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN.

If instead, you say FUCK THAT! and ride out the manic state of infinite possibility, turn to page.... I UNDERSTAND A DEEPER FORM OF PHYSICS!!!!!!