"Seriously sir! Why are you even doing this if you are going to be so goddamned half-assed about everything?" You scream at the man behind the celestial keys. "What's the point! None of these fucking options make a goddamn cock-sucking difference! Becoming a fucking hornet? Seriously! Why even bother at that point! Why would I even participate in this sick game! I just wanted to fucking buy some goddamn dirty, disgusting cockroaches, and already you have me calling them fucking Earth Angels, and you won't even let me pay my hard earned, god-damn minimum wage barista money for this shit! What's next? I choose to steal the cock-roach-suckers and next thing you know you'll probably have me fucking them won't you?"
"Listen. What got you so bent out of shape," A booming voice from the sky, undercut by a plastic clicking sound, responds, "the universe is a difficult place to navigate. Even at the best of times, you are hanging a half step from trouble with each decision you make. All I'm trying to do is allow you the opportunity to try out a few things you might not otherwise have the balls (apologies ladies,) to do. I let you take some chances and find out what will work, and what won't work in this immensely complex and confusing reality. At least here, you can be sure the results of every decision are instantaneous and definitive. None of this trudging through years of worthless toil just to find out you've reached a dead end of abject failure from which there is no possibility of reclaiming your lost time. Consider this a work shop, sand box, hokey pokey of fun exploratory learning. "

If you choose to accept this explanation, and venture forth with a positive attitude and outlook, turn to page.....YOU GODDAMN FUCKING SUCKER!

If instead you decide to tell the narrator to fuck right the hell off turn to page......IS THIS REALLY THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO GO PISSING OFF?