“Look kid, I don’t want your cock. I mean… I’m sure it’s lovely and all, but I’m not into that sort of thing, right now anyways, you see, you missed the roach part of my sentence, and I don’t mean like a marijuana cigarette style roach, I mean like an Earth Angel. And no, that isn’t slang for some type of weird drug sex orgy party I’m trying to invite you to. Look, you know all those starving people in Africa? Wait let me go back a bit further, you know Egypt? It’s totally in Africa, so get this…..” and on and on you blather. You are so well educated, you have SO MUCH to teach this young store clerk, and in the end, if you continue to be this overly verbose in explaining every little detail of every part of your day, the amount of time you have to spend explaining everything you say will expand exponentially until the very power of your explanations surpass the speed of light and destroy the universe. Good job smarty pants.