"CARBLE SHOCKER TONG STEW FILLY IN YOUR MOUTH!" You scream whilst flailing your primate limbs wildly dashing directly towards the bewildered young clerk like a drunken orangutan. Your disturbing fake out is successful; the clerk is sure he has completely lost his mind. Dropping his bat, he flees spastically out of the back of the shop. He strips naked as he dives into the woods, never to be heard from again, probably. I don't know, it depends on how long you are able to keep yourself alive I guess. For now though, you tip over the tiny aquarium crawling with an orgy of critters and empty it into your garbage bag. Things are looking up for you! The sun indeed shines upon the general direction of your mother's abode. You: grinning; skip off into it, racing through to the backyard garden and delightfully emptying your sack of roaches all over your mom's prized vegetables. What could possibly go wrong?
Well for starters; it turns out that Earth Angels are omnivorous, and greedily devour every ounce of edible vegetative matter your mom has laboured over. This is likely not the best start to your career as the messiah of food.

If you choose to come clean to your mom in the most straight forward manner possible, sit her down, and explain why the loss of delicious fresh tomatoes is ultimately good for humanity, turn to page PROBABLY A REALLY BORING OPTION, OR NOT!

If you instead decide to take Rush's advice to Show Me Don't Tell Me, and serve her a delicious pre-made meal of Earth Angels before she gets a chance to scope out the back yard upon arriving home from work, turn to page YOU FIGURED OUT THE SCORE!

If you choose the path of the Deceitful One and decide to spend your afternoon delicately pilfering the offerings in your neighbour's gardens to transplant upon the ravaged corpses of the Earth Angels appetizer turn to page SHAME ON YOU!