Well there you have it. You have given up and found solace in your newly lobotomized morality. As you bliss out to the Zen rhythms of sowing seeds, you cease all anger, thought, and preconceived notions about what life is. You stop reading the names on the packages of seeds you sow, and so, find yourself day by day wandering in your wonder garden, amazed by the shapes that slowly form in front of your eyes. One particular plant seems to be taking shape quicker than the others, growing like a weed. The shape of the leaves seems vaguely familiar to you, but you can't quite place from where in life this specific jagged seven-pronged vegetation originates from. In fact; it is not until the cherry reds and baby blues appear squealing in your driveway that you realize you have seeded your garden with marijuana seeds you bought back in the heady days of your Police Foundations course. As you get violently tossed into the back seat of a cruiser, you realize all this could have been avoided had you focused on securing Hell's Angels protection. It becomes painfully clear, you chose wrong.